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Manages your life

This is the Octyx master help page.

On the next pages you can find all information on the functionalities of Octyx.

Getting started

In this chapter you can find all help information on how to getting started with Octyx. Also you will learn how to setup the various settings, and all about security.


In this chapter you find all information how to set your preferences and how to manage the system databases.

Manage data

In this chapter you find a guidance how to view, enter, modify and delete your data. The chapter gives as example the managing of books.


In this chapter you find a guidance on the further views and the specific items per view.

Octyx iPhone

In this chapter you find a description on the Octyx Mobile Application on the iPhone and the setup process in the Windows version of Octyx.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this chapter you find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers with many explanations.

Getting started Preferences Manage data Views FAQ iPhone